Michael Yuan

Michael Yuan

Postdoctoral researcher


My research is focused on two areas: (1) understanding the generation and maintenance of phenotypic diversity through ecological selection and (2) conservation-oriented phylogeography of Caribbean herpetofauna. As the phenotype lies at the interface between an organism’s genotype and its environment, I approach the study of phenotypic diversity as inherently integrative, combining genomic, epigenomic, morphological, and ecological techniques. I have primarily addressed questions of phenotypic evolution using the radiations of Caribbean Anolis lizards and questions of island phylogeography broadly using Lesser Antillean reptiles and amphibians. In my free time, I enjoy hiking/backpacking, gardening, skiing, and reading comic books.

Website: https://michaellyuan.com

  • Phenotypic Evolution
  • Ecological Genomics
  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Herpetology
  • PhD Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, 2021

    UC Berkeley

  • BS in Biology/Natural Resources, 2014

    Cornell University